About Ralph Prata & Concrete Abstracts

“Creativity has been the inherent drive within me”

Sculptural Concrete Carvings

For over 30 years, Ralph Prata has been creating unique one-of-a-kind and limited edition sculptural concrete carvings.

After receiving a degree in applied sciences and arts with an emphasis on commercial art, he began focusing his creative energies on sculpture.

Searching for a versatile permanent material to work with, led him to concrete. Formulating his own special mixture of sand, aggregates and cements, he creates solid blocks of concrete to carve. These blocks, made to any desired shape or size are directly carved using only traditional hand sculpting tools. He has transformed concrete, an ordinary material into an inspiring visual and tactile experience.

The symbols and designs throughout his carvings are inspired by music. Each pieces is created through a spontaneous and improvisational process. During the moments of creating, various sounds, vibrations and lyrics from different musical compositions guide him on a visual journey – working from the subconscious and the unknown, seemingly ancient and spiritual images of the past, present and future are unlocked and revealed throughout his work.

Prata says “In the stillness of creating, I try to bring something into existence that will enhance the lives of all who encounter my work, including myself”

Digitally Enhanced Drawings

In 2006, Ralph Prata and his wife began traveling to the southwest to escape the Adirondack winters of upstate NY. During that time he didn’t have access to a sculpting studio to create his concrete carvings. To fulfill his creative need and desires, he started drawing black and white pen & ink drawings. As in his tactile world of carving concrete, the drawings are spontaneously created and are inspired by music. The images are dreamlike perception of some universal quality. Prata says “ I don’t rely totally on inspiration because it is not always there, I am inspired when I’m (In The Moment) of creating”. The work took on a fascinating appearance when he began scanning his B&W drawings into a computer and added color. Experimenting with color in his drawing began when he moved to the desert of the southwest in 2012. By digital manipulating, modifying and adding colors, hues, tones and textures, his drawings have become alive with an exciting new vibration and energy. The works are the result of traditional meets modern techniques fused together.

All sculptures and drawings are individually hand executed by the artist and are original in concepts & design.

Prata, his wife and one big cat have recently moved from upstate NY to Tucson AZ.