Carving Out a Career

by Megan Guthrie

Concrete is a unique art medium because of its versatility,” says three-dimensional artist Ralph Prata. “I like that it can be made into any size, turned into any color, and has this rich texture.”

Prata carves blocks of what some people would consider just a building material into works of art.

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Ralph Prata

Photos by Jerry Anthony Photography.

A Road Less Traveled, Carved in Concrete

by Jim Calder

Deep in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, beneath aged maple trees and set amid a perennial garden and small brook, you’ll find the home and workspace of an unconventional craft artist — a pioneer in the craft of cement carving.

Ralph Prata’s 1800’s Adirondack home in Bloomingdale, N.Y., is where the symbols and forms in his limited-edition carvings gain inspiration through music. Vibrations and lyrics from different musical compositions unlock his inner creative vision, resulting in seemingly ancient images. His attached studio space consists of a carving room, office space, matting and frame room and a packaging and shipping area. Prata believes that concrete, which has always been around and used both functionally and creatively, is being rediscovered by many craftspeople due to its versatility, availability and cost.

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